We would like to formally thank the Tasmanian State Government, Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment for their ongoing sponsorship of our organisation and the Sprout Producer Program. We are thrilled to see small producers recognised for their valuable contribution to our economy, tourism industry, food culture and environment!


Thank you to the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet - Drought and Flood Response and Recovery project for their support in 2020.

The project works hand-in-hand with communities, all levels of government, charities and agricultural organisations to support farmers and other rural and regional Australians living through the immediate and longer-term effects of drought and flood. Their aim is to ensure people and communities are given the support they need to be better prepared for droughts and floods, now and into the future.

Local Regional Recovery Officer, Holly Hansen, is here to support our Tasmanian communities. Find out more at their website: www.droughtandflood.gov.au or follow them on Facebook or on Instagram.



Many thanks to our friends at Eat Well Tasmania for their generous support once again in 2020. Eat Well Tasmania communicates and encourages healthy eating and promotes opportunities to eat healthy Tasmanian grown, produced and value-added food. Eat Well Tasmanian are strong supporters of the local producers and networks we have in Tasmania, here at Sprout we are grateful for the work they do. Supporting locals to eat local.

Find out more and support their projects at: www.eatwelltas.org.au or follow them on Facebook or Instagram




NASAA Organic is a not-for-profit industry association that plays a vital role in supporting, promoting and educating industry and consumers in organic, biodynamic and sustainable agricultural practices. Widely recognised as a trusted organic industry association we are proud to provide market and industry development, advocacy, education, policy and advice services.

Fermentation is a transformative process in which microorganisms (bacteria, yeast and fungi) turn sugars into food acids, carbon dioxide and alcohol. Fermentation can occur naturally or using a starting culture, it preserves food, enhances flavours and has health benefits. Humans have been using fermentation for centuries.  Fermentation can be a catalyst for Tasmanian agri-food enterprises. The FermenTasmania concept is unique in the world in terms of exploring the potential of fermentation as a value-add to a region.​  We see a great opportunity for Tasmania to capitalise on our State’s growing reputation as a producer of world-class food and beverages that all have a focussed point of difference - the skilled application of fermentation.



ActiveVista provides diversified cropping market gardeners with the leading industry appropriate products and seeds to develop productive bio-intensive farm systems.




Click here to see our 2020 sponsorship options and get involved with Cross Pollinate.

Or, you can call Jennifer Robinson on 0419 519 296, or email info@sprout.org.au 

Thank you!

To all of our supporters of our Cross Pollinate events since 2013. We appreciate your support!

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