We are celebrating the producers from the North and North West of Tasmania in our panel at this year's conference.


Meet our panel members!

Andy Jackman - Red Cow Dairies


Red Cow Organics is a family operated Certified organic business that is located on Tasmania’s beautiful North West coast. Our herd is made up of 200 gentle natured Aussie Red Cows, which have been in our family for over a decade. Bred for Australian conditions they thrive on our farm which is run with sustainable farming practices. They produce high quality milk which allows us to make our beautiful artisan products.

At the pinnacle of the drought in northern Victoria, we made the life changing decision to pack up our suitcases and our Dairy herd and move to the beautiful, high-rainfall area of North-Western Tasmania where we bought a 155-hectare farm at Oldina.

We make farmhouse cheese on our own property directly from our amazing organic milk. We work with nature and nurture the soil and care for our animals with the highest of ethics. We foster healthy environments that create life and farming organically and biodynamically this allows us to create a farming system that keeps a closed loop. 


Rachel Jacka - Guide Falls Farm


A farm and animal park open to the public, producing amazing ethically raised farm produce.

We host tours and activities for groups, birthday parties and weddings and putting on regular large food and music events!

Our regenerative agriculture farming practices take care of the health of the land and the animals that live on it. We work with nature and mimic natural grazing patterns of giant herds of wilderbeast. 

We have the highest ethical standards with our produce. Every animal is free range, pasture based and encouraged to display all their natural behaviours.

We produce exceptional quality produce, free from stress - and the result is nutritious and delicious produce - direct from our paddock to your plate! You will not be able to buy store brought meat or eggs again - our customers just keep coming back! 

Guy Robertson - Mount Gnomon Farm


Mount Gnomon Farm rests against the Dial Range - a tract of wilderness that stretches from Penguin to Cradle Mountain in Tasmania's north-west.

Guy Robertson welcomes you to the farm: to taste the ethically-raised meat in our dining room, to wander through the paddocks on a guided secret life of pigs tour, and to learn from a farmer how good, honest food is produced.

With experience in natural resource management and research in agriculture, Guy has a wealth of knowledge both on and off the farm, and is keen to share the things he has learnt along the way, about what has worked and not worked in finding his feet as a small producer in Tasmania.


Meet our Workshop facilitators


Allison Horswill - State of Play for meat producers


Allison Horswill is a Strategic Consultant in the red meat industry and broader agricultural sector, with a particular focus on business development, supply chain logistics and brand management to deliver high quality products and services to consumers.

A Director of Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association, and Vice Chair of TFGA’s Meat Council, Allison works closely with peak industry councils Sheep Producers Australia and Cattle Council of Australia, and Meat and Livestock Australia. 
Allison recently participated in the National Farmers Federation delegation to Europe and the United Kingdom, meeting with farmers, peak agricultural bodies, and all levels of government in order to progress the position of Australian agriculture in upcoming trade negotiations. 

She is committed long term to advancing the interests of Tasmanian farmers across all commodities, recognising the value in the brand of Tasmanian agriculture and working strategically with industry to realise its vision.



Robin Tait - Regenerative Agriculture