The Location

Exploring Tasmania

Shining a light on different regions around Tasmania is what we love about our roaming annual Cross Pollinate Conference. Each year we travel to a different region, with a different setting and focus. Our stunning Tasmanian locations bring us together to share in the regions history and future. 

In 2020, we are immersing ourselves on a 43-hectare waterfront site in Triabunna, on the state's south-east coast, Spring Bay Mill.  


Indigenous History

Spring Bay is on the lands of the Paredarerme tribe and is a place of extreme beauty and stark, rugged landscapes.

Triabunna is one of only a few places in Tasmania which still bears its original name, although in an anglicised form.

The Aboriginal word trayapana (try ah pah nah) originally applied to the country around Triabunna and Spring Bay, not solely to the location of the town later built in the area. George Augustus Robinson recorded the word when he visited the area in 1831 with Aborigines from nearby areas, who told him it referred to country around Triabunna and Spring Bay.

Robinson was travelling with a group of Aborigines which included Waypamunina, also known as Tikati. Robinson had recruited her to guide him as he walked down the east coast from St Helen’s Point to Hobart, because she was from the country around Waterloo Point/Little Swanport (adjacent to trayapana) She was sister to Tanalipunya (the wife of Manalakina). Also present was Kikatapula, also from Little Swanport. (GA Robinson, Journal 1 December 1830; 17 December 1830). Both Waypamunina and Kikatapula were from bands of the Oyster Bay tribe. trayapana is in the country of the Oyster Bay people.

More recent history & the future

More recently, this site was home to the largest wood chip mill in the world, is steeped in fascinating history and controversy, but is now filled with promise and purpose of reviving the land and restoring the site for a more sustainable, wholesome and community-focused future. It has been taken over by a group of passionate, self described provocateurs who are intent on reviving this once destructive site through the restorative powers of nature and art.

The Spring Bay Mill Site is located at 555 Freestone Point Road, Triabunna. It is about a 1.5 hour drive from Hobart


For more information about this amazing spot, visit the Spring Bay Mill website.



Spring Bay Mill offer exclusive accommodation on site for event and conference attendees. We will be announcing accommodation rates for the event in the coming weeks. It will be a great offer and worth it to come along and spend the evening with us for dinner, then relax and unwind overnight, before our full day of workshops and sharing and supporting each other in our focus of "growing stronger" beyond 2020.

Accommodation options include beach-side shacks, simple and unobtrusive, yet stunning in design and luxury, you will feel right at home and never want to leave. 

Or if you would like to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the location, you can choose to camp with nature - with all the creature comforts you deserve in their luxurious, cozy "glamping" tents. 


There are other local accommodation options in the local township and nearby Orford, including:

Triabunna Cabin & Caravan Park

Island Eden

Eastcoaster Resort

You can also find many options in the area at Discover Tasmania, AirBNB and Stayz.