Format for the day

All attendees will split into two groups and will enjoy participating in each of the components of the day in a round robin format (farm tour and workshops).

Farm Tour

Be taken on a 1.5hr comprehensive tour of Curringa Farm with Tim as your guide. You will see first hand the way in which Tim and Jane work this property, their focus on regeneration, bringing back wetlands with amazing flora and fauna, low stock counts, a stacked business model which provides them with flexibility to do things differently.

This tour will include a ride in a bus and some light walking, so sensible outdoor footwear is recommended.


1. Business resilience - how to buffer that rollercoaster curve

It is one thing to start a small business, but to build it in a way that means it can thrive and survive into the future is another.  What are the basic tips for mechanisms within the business structure that can help to buffer that rollercoaster ride that is small business (and agriculture) and are there other things you could be doing to ensure resilience in the life of your business.

2. Farm biodiversity & resilience planning

Hosted by the knowledgeable team at Derwent Catchment Project, this workshop will be a walk and talk session straight from the old shearing shed venue.  Eve, Josie and Andy will give their advice and expertise in how to build a diverse agricultural landscape, from the soil up and how this will assist in making your property more resilient to the ups and downs of mother nature, and how this will ensure that in your planning you then see the benefits in terms of output and results for your business.  

Each workshop is 45min in length and you will do BOTH workshops in succession. No need to choose between the two.


Resilience for YOU

RAW Tasmania - Rural Alive and Well are teaming up with us this year, to provide a fantastic session on how to build your networks of support, the signs of when you or someone you know may need to reach out to those networks for support and to build a strong 'fabric' of life to bolster you and your business through the ups and downs of rural experience.

Panel Discussions

As a full cohort, all attendees will take part in a facilitated discussion along with a panel of Tasmanian farmers from the Derwent Valley and Central Highlands region, and we are so lucky to have the guidance of expert facilitator Polly McGee!

Tim Parsons - Curringa Farm, Hamilton

Fiona Hume - Arundel Farm, Macquarie Plains

Jo Jones - Willowdene Dairies, Hamilton


Other members of the panel will be announced soon.

Hear from each panel member about their journey on farm, how they have built resilience into their properties, their businesses and themselves as farmers.  Hear what they have learnt along the way and benefit from their hindsight. 

We encourage you to do your research, stalk each panel member and what they do and be sure to bring your questions along on the day.

See more about our speakers here.

Building your 'village' for resilience

The day will wrap up with drinks and grazing platters and an opportunity to talk shop, or not, with other attendees and perhaps catch up with some friends off farm, which we know none of us do often enough! This is as integral as your learning from the formal part of the day, to really strengthen those relationships of those around you, cement your ideas, and weave that fabric of support for the future.





Registration opens


Official welcome


Keynote speaker - Polly McGee - Daring Leadership & resilience


ROUND ONE (farm tour or workshops)


Morning tea


ROUND TWO (farm tour or workshops)



2.00pm RAW Masterclass


Q&A Panel discussion


SPP 2020 announcements & Small Producer of the Year award


Wrap up & building your village


Day concludes