Event Format for 2022

This year we are curating a series of online sessions that will challenge you to bring about a shift in perspective and learn some tools to really hone your decision making in all aspects of your life, including on the farm and in your business.
Monday 30th May A shift in perspective - story telling

9.30am to 12.30pm

Monday 6th June A shift in perspective - from producer to the pass

10.00am to 12.00pm

Thursday 28th July Holistic decision making - Clarifying your core values

9.30am to 12.30pm

Tuesday 2nd August Holistic decision making - Making better decisions

9.30am to 12.30pm

Series 1 - A shift in perspective

Session 1 - Storytelling

We believe strongly in the benefits of sharing the many and varied stories of those in all parts of our agricultural community here in Tassie. In line with the thousand year old aboriginal tradition, storytelling is a way of coming together, stopping, listening, learning and ultimately being more connected and better versions of ourselves - personally and professionally.

Attend this session and you will be able to hear from a collection of people about their own personal journey of shifting their perspective.

9.30am - 11.00 am - Robin Tait is our keynote speaker (including question time)

11.00 - 12.00pm - Panel with Pippa Mills, Fiona Hume and Anthony Houston (including question time)

12.00 - 12.30pm - group break out chat time


Session 2 - from Producer to the Pass

When producers and chefs work on building strong relationships they are able to collaborate and learn from each other. Not everyone knows how to kick start this process, be they a producer or a chef, so we wanted to help.

We have brought together a panel of chefs and producers to share their perspective on local, seasonal food, and what they have learnt from each other about how food is planned and grown and then how it is prepared in the kitchen to head over the pass to hungry customers.

10.00am - 12.00 midday - we will hear from the panel members (including opportunities for questions)

Series 2 - Holistic decision making

This is a two part workshop hosted by Dan Palmer.

Session 3 - Clarifying your core values

This session dives deep to uncover and clarify what matters most to you in your life and business.  We’ll move beyond your problems and even your goals to articulate where you really want to be heading and the quality of life you’d like to enjoy as you head there, all with a sizzling clarity so deeply true you may notice your spine tingling. Through a series of interactive activities that cut directly to the chase, you’ll leave this session with a solid start on a context you can then use as a north star to elevate your daily decision making to a whole new level.


Session 4 - Making better decisions

This session focuses on an approach to making daily decisions that are whole-oriented and whole-honouring. We'll experience in detail what it means to move from deciding reactively to fix parts or solve problems to deciding proactively directly toward what matters most to you. Before this session ends you'll have a chance to practice testing real decisions toward your unique context using a set of testing questions adapted from Allan Savory's pioneering work with Holistic Management. We'll also learn how to monitor the outcomes of your decisions for early course-correction and how to use Holistic Decision Making to have kick-ass team meetings that focus on what most needs attention now.


Offline group work

In between these two sessions, we will arrange to group attendees together (say 2-4 people in each) and enable you to exchange your thoughts, ideas, core values and generally just be a sounding board for each other ready for the final session with Dan.