Event Format for 2021

In celebration of turning 10 we are going to have multiple events in different pockets of the state. Our theme this year is storytelling. We want to unearth those stories of producers doing amazing things, to share their achievements and learn from their challenges and mistakes, to find solidarity in their journey and also to learn some new things along the way.  
How the days are structured
Friday 5th November Guide Falls Farm - Ridgley (NW TAS) 9.00am to 5.00pm
Friday 12th November Multiple Farms - Cygnet and Lymington (STH TAS) 9.00am to 5.00pm
Friday 12th November The LongHouse Hobart - Dinner celebration 6.30pm to 10.00pm

Friday 5th November

Guide Falls Farm - Ridgley


Tour of Guide Falls Farm - Hear from Rachel, the owner of Guide Falls Farm about their journey over the last 5 years since they arrived on their property in Tasmania.  Rachel is an inspiration given how much she has achieved, and how engaged she is in the process of connecting with the local community and educating them about where their food comes from. Guide Falls Farm is a diverse enterpise with many moving parts, so this is an opportunity to see how they make this work and what challenges they have had along the way.

Credit: Aaron Jones Photography for this great drone photo!

Panel Discussion

There will be a facilitated panel discussion with four farmers from the North West region, all with a variety of farming enterprises.  We plan to find out from them about why they do what they do, what their journey has been like on their farm and unpack the challenges and opportunities they have realised. 

Panel members

Wouter Sels from Seven Springs Farm

Pippa Kentish from Glen Torrie Pastures

Cabe MacKenzie from Down the Road

Gareth from The Grain Family

Find out more about our speakers here

Lunch at Grazings Restaurant

Rachel and Matt realised their dream of having an on-farm restaurant this year, and what better place to enjoy lunch together! 


Two workshops will happen in a round robin style, so attendees get to do both. 

Soil Health - Soil ecologist Theresa Chapman and Poo-ologist Graeme Stevenson will join farmer Matt in the paddock to cover critters, carbon and good conversation.

Farm Diversification and Risk Assessment 

Rachel will be joined by Allison Clark from Optimum Standard as well as NW farmer Andy Jackman from Red Cow Organics for a workshop on diversifying your business. Whether you’re looking to open a farm shop, set up on farm accommodation or stack your enterprises, join us as we discuss strategies, risk and opportunities and listen to Rachel speak about her experiences of setting up their restaurant.

Friday 12th November

Cygnet & Lymington Farms

The event down south will move from one farm to the next, and you will be required to do so using your own transport.  We will enjoy a farm tour, then a location change to Port Cygnet Cannery for a panel discussion and lunch. We will then head to a farm in Lymington for small group workshops, all focussed around soil health.

Farm Tour

Early Bird Market Garden owners Jenna and Zeb will show us around their 1 acre property. A small market garden is a unique business in itself, so there is always so much to learn about efficiency, crop rotation, soil health and more. 

The Early Bird Market Garden

Panel Discussion & Lunch

Attendees will head to the Port Cygnet Cannery, where we will enjoy a panel discussion with four farmers from the southern region of Tassie, followed by a seasonal local lunch.

Panel members

Sulyn - Sulyn's market garden (South Hobart)

Kate Plaschke - Eska Farm (Mountain River)

Grace & Dylan - Broom & Brine

Find out more about our speakers here

Workshops at Beaupre Farm

We will then make our way to Beaupre Farm, in Lymington, where our hosts Christine and Colin will open their farm gates for us to learn about soil. This has been a big focus for them over the last 18 months, especially this year as part of their participation in the Sprout Producer Program. 

Group talk with Matthew Evans - Fat Pig Farm

Matthew, having recently released his book 'Soil' will share with us his take on the world below the surface we walk upon, giving his perspective as a farmer but also more broadly as a caretaker of land and consumer of food.

Workshop topics

Compost 101 - Mitch Theissen from the Agrarian Kitchen Garden, accompanied by Tony Scherer from Rocky Top Farm

Microbiology of soil - Christine Bishop from Beaupre Farm

Compost Teas - Colin Skidmore from Beaupre Farm

Friday 12th November

Dinner event at The LongHouse Hobart

The program will culminate in a Cross Pollinate dinner at The LongHouse in Hobart. Adam James from Rough Rice will be cooking up a storm and you will have a chance to mingle with this year's Sprout Producers, many of our alumni, other farming legends, chefs and foodies.

Hannah Maloney - Keynote speaker

Hannah will be sharing her own insights into how to curate your own 'Good Life'. Hannah is not only a permaculture design consultant, but is also an author of her first book "The Good Life" and an all round gardening guru always sharing her tips and enthusiasm to people about how to grow your own food and be involved in the collective food system.  

Small Producer Award

Hear from Lauren and Mike Layfield of Felds Farm, who were winners of this community nominated award in 2020.  Lauren and Mike will be presenting the award to the next farmer who was lucky enough to win the award this year, for 2021. 

Sprout Producer Program Scholarships 2022

Meet and get to know the producers who were lucky enough to receive the scholarships for next year, when we formally present their certificates.