Event Format for 2020

Our theme for our conference this year is "Growing Stronger", and this is centered around rising from the many and ongoing challenges that you, as small-scale producers have faced, and growing together as a community, reconnecting, learning from these challenges and not returning to the 'normal way' of things, but becoming better versions of ourselves. 
How the days flow...
Sunday 15th November Half day 1.00pm to 5.30pm
Sunday 15th November Dinner 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Monday 16th November Full day 9.00am to 4.00pm


Focused on SELF and PLACE. There will be sessions with Polly McGee and Diana McShane about how to breathe, rise from challenges and habit change where we need to. The Spring Bay Mill team will be giving us an amazing tour of the full site, including the regeneration of the land, the market garden, the nursery and more.


Tour of the Spring Bay Mill - This will include a session with Marcus Ragus the Head Horticulturalist, show you about the nursery work on site, the rejuvenating of local and indigenous species across the point, and of course a trip down to Paddy's Paddock, the site's fully fledged permaculture market garden. 

    Breathing to rise from challenges with Polly.


    Habit change with Diana McShane

Sunday dinner

This first day will be wrapped up with a scrumptious dinner of local seasonal produce, cooked by some awesome local chefs. We love bringing our extended Sprout family together, to the table, to get to know each other or catch up with old friends, while enjoying real food.

Vladimir Panevin, much loved and ultra talented chef who made a name for himself at Franklin and Smolt, before then finding his groove at Ettie's, and now at Institute Polaire.  Vlad, is such a likeable human being, we've only met him a few times, but you can just feel his enthusiasm for food. He is passionate, generous with his expertise and humble of his own ability and contribution.  He has wrangled a mate to help him, another local likeable chef, Josh Andree from Sunbear Cafe in Hobart, and together with some awesome Sprout volunteers they will cook up a storm for us in the Spring Bay Mill kitchen. 

Keynote speaker - Scott Rankin

We will hear from Scott about his experiences through the NFP organisation he founded Big hART, which has been to fifty countries across the the world, delivery projects to regional, disavantaged communities.  Plus, he was Tasmanian on the Year in 2018, along side our wonderful Sprout co-founder Tony Scherer, who was Senior Tasmanian of the Year. 

Small Producer Award

Hear from Kate Field from Tongola Cheese and Leap Farm, who along with husband Iain, were winners of this community nominated award in 2019.  Kate will be presenting the award to the next farmer who was lucky enough to win the award this year, for 2020. 

Sprout Producer Program Scholarships 2021

Meet and get to know the producers who were lucky enough to receive the scholarships for next year, when we formally present their certificates.

L-R - Josh Andree, Vladimir Panevin                                  Scott Rankin - Keynote speaker


A full day of exploration, discussion and formative steps for action!

The day will include a panel of people from across the food community in Tasmania who, under the direction of Polly McGee will share with us their thoughts about the Tasmanian food system, agriculture, seasonality and health.

Small group workshops, driven by attendees to problem solve and share knowledge on a particular topic they have nominated prior to the event. Reporting back to the full house, so synergies and shared learning can be realised across all discussion groups, and curious observers giving their thoughts on the discussions they have been a part of during the day.


Who is who in the room

We will checkout who we've got at the conference this year, so you can work out who you may want to speak with during the breaks. There will be people from industry, government, tourism, other local producers. 

Panel session

Holley Jones
Leah Galvin
Laurent Byrne
Tom Westcott
Libby Lester
Reuben Parker-Greer

This discussion will be drawing upon the varied perspectives of our panel members, when thinking about how we can grow stronger in our food community in Tasmania.  How can we do things differently, better, and more sustainable in the sense of being able to weather the storms of all things that come our way, be that climate change, pandemics, or anything else.  How can we work together, to build a robust and sustainable food system in Tasmania, where all locals are eating local food.


Small group workshops

This is going to be based on the information you provide to us in your pre-event survey, which will be sent out to you once you book a ticket. 

What are your challenges you have experienced in the last 6-12 months, what ideas do you have about your role in the overall food system, what topics do you want to talk about with others.  We will then curate some topics, place you in groups, to run an attendee led discussion. 

All groups will then report back to the group, so we can learn from each other, and find synergies between challenges and ideas and solutions.