Event Format for 2020

Our theme for our conference this year is "Growing Stronger", and this is centered around rising from the many and ongoing challenges that you, as small-scale producers have faced, and growing together as a community, reconnecting, learning from these challenges and not returning to the 'normal way' of things, but becoming better versions of ourselves. 


Sunday will be the day when we explore PLACE and SELF. We will learn about the Spring Bay Mill site, its history and journey so far and the SBM team's vision for the future.

We are thrilled to have Polly McGee with us again!

Polly is going to give us an amazing session on how to rise from challenges or trauma in our lives.


Di McShane from HealthSeek will take us through an exploration of habits, and how we can go about changing them.

2020 has been a year of upheaval...so working on ourselves as individuals and amazing humans is fundamental.

Sunday dinner

This first day will be wrapped up with a scrumptious dinner of local seasonal produce, cooked by some awesome local chefs. We love bringing our extended Sprout family together, to the table, to get to know each other or catch up with old friends, while enjoying real food.


A full day of exploration, discussion and formative steps for action!

The day will include a panel of people from across the food community in Tasmania who, under the direction of Polly McGee will share with us their thoughts about the Tasmanian food system, agriculture, seasonality and health.

Watch this space for more details of the speakers and experts who will be joining us during the two day event